$1500 Bonus Training

When you buy Click and Grow Rich you get $1500 worth of internet marketing training videos, notes and tips.

This isn’t some crappy freebie. It’s the sum of over $25,000 spent on seminars attended all over the world, mastermind training from other experts in copywriting, video for web, sales, marketing, membership site building and of course over ten years of hands on experience.

Here are just a few of the things you are going to learn and I’m adding all the time. By the way, please don’t share the password to some bum who never bought the book but wants it. Tell them to buy their own.

  1. How to build a WordPress site in a day
  2. How to create cool products which sell
  3. How to add value to products
  4. How to create a membership site
  5. Putting your stuff on Udemy
  6. How to build a newsletter list
  7. Getting cool graphics for next to nothing