The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

I can’t remember what prompted me to buy this book but I’m so glad that I did. This book was a major factor in helping me achieve success in my life. Success in my finances, health, relationships and career. I had already read many hundreds of books on personal development by the time I got […] is another freelancing site, pretty similar in fact to I’ve spent around $90,000 so far on and $50,000 on I can’t say I find one better than the other but from my experiences so far, most of what I need I can find on but this is usually web programming, […]


Having spent over $90,000 on Elance over the past few years I consider myself somewhat of an authority on using this site as a customer (not provider) and what to look out for when hiring a freelance professional. Elance is a site where you can hire a freelancer by the hour or by the project. […]

There are some sites and services which make you scratch your head in wonder. is one such site. Here you will find thousands of freelancers in pretty much every conceivable field of work who will do job for you for five bucks! These are rubbish things like draw a stickman (although some of the […]

Optimize Press Review

There has been a big rise in interest around squeeze pages in the last couple of years on the web. The issue of course was how to create one that works when you have no coding skills? Enter Optimize Press by James Dyson. But OP is so much more than just a squeeze page generator […]