About Me

My name is Paul Browning.

I worked as a police officer in the UK from 1988 up till June 2000 when I left for a career in IT. After around two years of being insulted by small minded supervisors and patronised by customers I realised that I didn’t like being an employee so I started my own business. Being made redundant also helped me make that decision.

I started my first company Networks Inc. Ltd which offered Cisco training in the UK. I grew that company over the course of the next six years and at the same time learned a lot about marketing products on the web. I finally came to the realisation that this was the future and so I sold the company in 2008 and concentrated on creating websites and products.

Since 2002 I’ve been creating websites, online products and membership sites. I’ve written a few Amazon Kindle bestsellers so I guess I know a bit about how to make it as an internet entrepreneur. I hope I can help you too.

About me:

  • I have zero programming skills
  • I believe most internet gurus are bullshitters
  • My spelling and grammar are terrible but I still write books
  • I do what I love and outsource the rest via Elance.com
  • If I can do this then anyone can
  • I think that you can’t get rich quick but you can get rich slow

Here I am busy at work in my back garden. Location – near the beach, Mindarie, Perth, Australia. I’ve built a $360,000 per year internet based business with a second hand laptop I bought off eBay in 2008.