Roboform – Password Storage Tool

Can you count up how many passwords you need to remember nowadays? Since you are not supposed to use the same one for all your sites, e-mail accounts and software as well as online banking you either have to remember them or er..write them down! Enter Roboform. A really cool tool which will store all […]

The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

I can’t remember what prompted me to buy this book but I’m so glad that I did. This book was a major factor in helping me achieve success in my life. Success in my finances, health, relationships and career. I had already read many hundreds of books on personal development by the time I got […] is another freelancing site, pretty similar in fact to I’ve spent around $90,000 so far on and $50,000 on I can’t say I find one better than the other but from my experiences so far, most of what I need I can find on but this is usually web programming, […]


Having spent over $90,000 on Elance over the past few years I consider myself somewhat of an authority on using this site as a customer (not provider) and what to look out for when hiring a freelance professional. Elance is a site where you can hire a freelancer by the hour or by the project. […]