Camtasia 8 Review

Categories:Video Creation
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Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years you will have noticed that almsot every successful website and internet marketer is using video in one format or another. Yes, I know there are exceptions but we can’t really rely on the blips on the radar.

Unless you are a geek of some sort, you will want to create screen capture recordings and easily edit them with effects and then produce them in various formats such as YouTube ready, HD, iPad and mobile device. This is where Camtasia 8 comes in. It’s a very powerful video editing program with a built in recorder so you can capture what you are doing on your PC or MAC and then edit the movie with callouts or special effects.

Earlier versions of Camtasia where often a nightmare. Plagued with bugs and regularly crashing. Every version had a majorly annoying flaw or bug which made your life hell, but not hell enough to spend thousands of dollars on a high end solution. Camtasia 8 is much much better. It renders movies much faster and requires less memory so you don’t need a NASA spec PC to create movies.

I’ve been using Camtasia since version 5 and with it, created several video based training products making many tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. My main membership website features all videos created with Camtasia 8. Here is a Camtasia 8 training course I put on Use the coupon ‘click’ to get a nice discount. On that page I have a demo video so you can see how powerful it is to use.

It comes in at around $299 but will make you that back many times over. The tech support team is very helpful and the software is pretty easy to learn to use. It won’t do high end effects such as you get with Adobe After Effects but unless you want to start producing whizz bang movies (why would you?) this will do the job fine.

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