The 2nd Biggest Online Sin

I’ve been guilty of pretty much every sin and mistake online. Well, apart from scamming people I suppose. This mistake is really only made when you stop thinking about what your customer wants and instead, focus on what you want. Remember what this is all about after all. You aren’t going to get far online […]

Getting Advice

A guy I know was passionately creating a training website. What he was teaching isn’t important. He would create part of the site and then ask all his friends for opinions. He would then make changes and ask all his friends what they thought and made more changes. He created a squeeze page and asked […]

How to Sack Your Boss

Quitting the day job is the number one goal for many aspiring internet entrepreneurs. For me, I hated the office politics and I didn’t respect my bosses who were IT geeks with zero interpersonal skills. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked I never got appreciated or any recognition. The problem was that […]

Get Started Already

I can’t tell you how many wannabe internet entrepreneurs I meet. They tell me they want to be doing what I’m doing (living online) but when I ask them what they have done so far to make it happen they say: I’m waiting to come up with an idea I need to learn programming first […]