Justin Brookes – Facebook Workflow Masterclass

I’ve been following Justin Brooke on Facebook for several months now. Justin is the creator if IMScalable which is a company who take care of your online ads (if you have the money). Justin regularly serves up interesting and relevant online marketing tips mainly about Facebook marketing, usually under his Facebook page of The Traffic […]

Start From Scratch – Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is the famous Product Launch Formula guru who has made millions teaching people how to launch a product on the web. Start From Scratch is actually aimed at beginners who don’t know how to create a website, start an e-mail list, find a niche or create a squeeze page. It aims takes you […]

Mindjet – Mind Map Tool

Mind maps were all the rage but seem to have fallen slightly out of favour in the past couple of years. I’ve see a couple of web gurus use them and subscribed to some learning sites where they were used to explain some concepts. I like them personally because you can dump a lot of […]

Roboform – Password Storage Tool

Can you count up how many passwords you need to remember nowadays? Since you are not supposed to use the same one for all your sites, e-mail accounts and software as well as online banking you either have to remember them or er..write them down! Enter Roboform. A really cool tool which will store all […]

The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

I can’t remember what prompted me to buy this book but I’m so glad that I did. This book was a major factor in helping me achieve success in my life. Success in my finances, health, relationships and career. I had already read many hundreds of books on personal development by the time I got […]

Optimize Press Review

There has been a big rise in interest around squeeze pages in the last couple of years on the web. The issue of course was how to create one that works when you have no coding skills? Enter Optimize Press by James Dyson. But OP is so much more than just a squeeze page generator […]