Click and Grow Rich

comingsoon_stampAimed at anyone who wants to learn how to turn their hobby, interest or any knowledge they have into a web based business Click and Grow Rich is written by somebody who started out from scratch. I didn’t make my money overnight flipping domains, I don’t do any affiliate marketing, I don’t have any big name friends to endorse my book BUT – I do know how to help you make a pretty decent living off the web.

Click and Grow Rich was written for Joe or Josie Average. For the person who is busy with a job and family but wants to create an internet based business which will pay you money while you sleep. Maybe just some extra income to pay the mortgage or for a yearly holiday or maybe enough to quit work and be your own boss.

Written by somebody who grew a web based company from scratch, wrote e-books, recorded videos, created membership sites, product sites and got many of his sites onto page one of Google this book is all content, no fluff and no self promotion.

I’ve used my web income to allow me to work out of coffee shops or the back garden, help my wife quit work and bring up our three children and eventually emigrate from the UK to live and work by the beach in Australia and sometimes even on the beach.

Here’s a few things I’ve done and will show you how to do:

  1. Come up with ideas for products
  2. Create a website with zero programming knowledge
  3. Craft a compelling sales message
  4. Build a loyal following of customers who love you
  5. Grow a website which gives you continuity income (recurring billing)
  6. Outsource work to freelancers who will create products for you
  7. Set the whole thing up to work on auto pilot giving you free time
  8. Create a corporation or limited company to get huge tax benefits

I dump pretty much everything I know into your book so you not only know how to quickly and easily create products to sell on the web but you also know how to build a business which runs without you giving you the time and money to do what you want, when you want with who you want.

Paul Browning