Coming Up With Product Ideas

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Some think that this is the hardest part of internet marketing. In fact it is the easiest thing to do when you do it the right way.

I sometimes wonder why people spent months or years waiting for that perfect idea to hit them like a bolt of lightning. The best ideas are usually right under your nose. You probably already had it today if you stopped to think about what you have been thinking about.

I’m talking about anything which upset or frustrated you today.I’m going to give you a few examples from recent days or weeks for me. Maybe they will work or maybe only one of them.

Firstly – stuff to do when it is raining here in Perth and you have bored children. Where can you go and what can you do? Can I set up a website telling parents where to go and suggest activities. Can I add Google Adsense or sell advertising to the places I suggest such as indoor play centres.

Second – cool beaches you’ve never heard about. Because I don’t have a car I walk most places. I’ve found some beaches which you can’t actually find very easily.  Some are very private and only about 30 metres long. What if I put together a small e-book with maps, directions and put local restaurants and toilets on the map? I could charge a few bucks for that.

Third – runs. I run to keep the fat at bay and keep generally fit. I’ve found a few cool routes around where I am. All along beaches. I’ve also found a couple of secret sand dunes you can run up and down. Another e-book?

Fourth – new software reviews. Is there a platform for internet marketers to find out about brand new software which would really benefit them? Maybe focus on niche software such as around videos. I found something really, really cool today which will create an effect for you which you would usually cost hundreds of bucks for each effect you need but is is only $14 per month.

I could go on but these are all based around frustrations I’ve experienced only recently.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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