Cut the Crap!

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Most of our day consists of boring, repetetive tasks.

Brushing teeth, showering, getting dressed, commute to work, check e-mails, post brain farts on Facebook. Repeat until retirement. Well I want you to consider a few things here. How can you cut the crap from your day and get your work day down to 90 minutes.I’m guessing you need to get rid of your job in order to make this happen. That is, unless you can negotiate working from home and then being super productive for an hour and a half. It is possible. I remember when I worked at Cisco systems, my team of six engineers all shared the work. I took ten cases per day and the others took one each! God knows what they did the rest of the day.

So, either negotiate working from home and work your nuts off for 90 minutes per day or work on an internet income to replace work.

Now, cutting out the rest of the crap. Here is what I do:

  • Check e-mail once per day, preferably in the afternoon
  • Set up rules to put subscription e-mails into folders
  • Have a VA do all the admin tasks
  • Answer all questions from customers with FAQ and a ticket website
  • Facebook and Twitter once per day
  • Group tasks such as paying bills/forum posts
  • Smash into high priority project(s) for 90 mins per day
  • Outsource creative or specialist work on

Honestly. I do work for more than 90 minutes per day. I get bored shitless just sitting on the beach or in coffee shops. I write books and hire lots of people to create products for me which I then sell online for years to come. But then again, I tend to always take December and July off every year so it evens out.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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