Free Money – From Amazon

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chequebThe best sort of money is the sort you are given for free.

I’m not the most academic of people but a valuable lesson I learned early on in business is that many of the best opportunities are right there under our noses. The problem is that we are so busy looking ‘out there’ trying to find them that they go unnoticed.

I recently launched a new book on Amazon. Over the past few years I’ve built up an e-mail subscriber list from my IT sites totalling around 40,000 or more readers. I’m not vein enough to think they all read every message I send but you get the drift.

I was about to launch the book and it suddenly occurred to me. I’ve got an Amazon affiliate account (free to start) so why not put out the links to my book using my affiliate code. Amazon makes it easy of course and you can send out a shortened link saying something like so it doesn’t even look like an affiliate link.

The funny thing is that when I looked at the purchases using my link, I received income from anything they bought when they visited Stuff like headphones, Star Wars books and even some of my competitors books and products! I’m not sure how or why it works but it worked really well. To the tune of $693.59 in fact. I don’t care who you are, that sort of money will make a difference and even at something like $35,000 online income this month it made a difference to me.

Think about how you can create money for zero effort out of thin air and then let me know how you did it.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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