How to Sack Your Boss

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Quitting the day job is the number one goal for many aspiring internet entrepreneurs.

For me, I hated the office politics and I didn’t respect my bosses who were IT geeks with zero interpersonal skills. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked I never got appreciated or any recognition. The problem was that I was in debt and had no other source of income. I just needed a plan of how to get out of the hole I’d dug myself in to.

Here’s what I did.First thing first. Get rid of all the money sucking crap out of your life. Flashy cars on monthly payments, gym memberships, monthy bank debits for crap you don’t really need. Forget this years holiday. You can take time off whenever you want when you are living on the web.

Second. Get a better deal on everything you can. House and life insurance, health etc.

Third. Move all credit card debt onto zero interest cards if you can.

Fourth. Debt a debt plan in place. Make a minimum payment on your lowest debt and negotiate an interest freeze on your other debts. Pay the smallest debt off first and fastest and then move onto the next smallest.

Fifth. Increase your means. After you have plugged the hole in your income, start work on products you can sell on the web in your spare time. By spare time I mean turn off the damn TV, stob slobbing around and get working hard. Evenings, weekends and use your holiday time. Start selling stuff online via:

  • Ebay
  • Udemy products
  • WordPress blogs
  • Appsumo
  • Kindle books
  • Audio books on Createspace

I’ve done all of the above. I also started  teaching classes on weekends. I quickly found that I was making more in the weekned that I was during the week at work so I just worked alternate weekends and didn’t work during the week any longer. I also didn’t wait until I got out of debt before quitting work. I figured that I could get out of debt much quicker if I was working full time on the web so that’s what I did.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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