What if I could take everything I’ve learned about making money on the web since 2002 and dump it into your head?

I’m talking about:

  • Over $10,000 I’ve spent on training products
  • Seminars attended on web marketing
  • The best software to use (most of it’s free)
  • SEO tips to get page 1 rankings in days (not years)
  • How to create and sell products in a few hours
  • Create membeship sites with repeat billing
  • How to create stunning websites in 30 minutes
  • Building a BIG list of customers who love to buy from you
  • Getting admin help to deal with the boring stuff
  • Automating everything so you can take time off


Let’s face it, most of the stuff you see for sale on the web is crap. Put up there by greedy liars who promise the earth but deliver nothing. You’ve seen them all advertising on Facebook I know. They do that because they have zero online credibility so they only way to get your attention is to pay for it.

The problem is, by the time you realise you’ve been ripped off, the guarantee period is over and you’re left with something you can’t use. We’ve all been there so it’s right to be careful about who you put your trust in.

Here’s why I’m a little different:

I started off broke and afraid in 2002 having lost my crummy job in IT. I have zero programming knowledge and I can barely spell but since that time I’ve:

  • Created an online business which generates $1,000 per day
  • Helped my wife quit her job (back in 2008)
  • Been a full time dad working 2-4 hours per day on average
  • Created several Amazon bestsellers
  • Created several online products and membership sites
  • Grown a subscriber list of over 15,000 from scratch

If you want to learn how to do the same then feel free to join my members area. Here is what’s in it for you:

  • Access to me to test your ideas or get help
  • Full WordPress training
  • Product creation training and advice
  • How to build a loyal following
  • How to be seen as an expert in your area
  • How to get others to create cool products for you
  • Master continuity income via membership sites
  • How to make money with coaching and webinars

Every week you get access to a new series of lessons starting from scratch. You build products as we go along and choose to sell them, give them away to build your list or turn them into a membership site.