My Biggest Online Mistakes

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I’ve done some very silly things in my life.

Once, when I was in the police I was chasing a car theif on foot and I jumpted into a river to try to catch him! What on earth was I thinking? But I’ve also done some silly things online. They weren’t as dangerous as jumping into water but they involved wasting many months and lots of money.

It needn’t have been that way though. Let me explain.My first mistake was selling the wrong thing to the wrong people. You see, my main business is IT training. Whenever I’ve created a new IT book or training package it has sold really well. When I created a marketing book and tried to sell it to my IT list if failed miserably. This was even though the book contained the very best business marketing advice you could get.

Selling the right thing to the wrong people will never work.

Second mistake – creating the product and trying to sell it. No, no, no. You must always test the market BEFORE creating the product. This website cost pretty much nothing to build and the posts were free to add. The freebies on the site too very little time. I can easily start testing the site without taking three months and ten thousand bucks to build a product and then hoping it sells on the site.

Third – getting distracted. Once you learn about web marketing it is so easy to become distracted and jump into other projects. This is why I never hit my target to make a million dollars online this year (2012). I wasted too much time doing other stuff which was fun but not in my niche and with no marketing infrastructure to promote it and no time or desire to build a new one outside of my IT sites.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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